Dec 28, 2006

Magic Fingers

Damn it, I broke my vibrator again. It's the fuckin 3rd time that this happens. Can't they make any decent toys?? Afterall if I am to use one almost everday it should last right?

Right now I am as horny as hell. I guess that my fingers will do. Mmmmm, no one but myself knows where to rub be it how slow or how fast. I need just a bit of lube on the tip of my finger and just swirl it around the clit. First I go slow, then when my clit starts to contract I pick up the speed. My nipples are hard and they need to be squeezed. One finger on my clit and the other hand massaging my breast.

My mind wanders off. Hmmmmm, I want to be fucked from behind tonight. Two black studs ramming their hard dicks inside of me. One in my ass and one in my mouth. I can literally feel the friction in my asshole as I squeeze my anus muscles. And just as I picture having my two hot lovers squirting their cum inside of me, telling me that I am such a nasty slut . My body spasms and loses control. I can feel my clit tingle all over and finally euphoria.

Tomorrow ... it's the toy store.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

mmmm...i know the feeling...feeling so horny you just can't stand it...of course in my case i'd be your cuck cleaning up after those 2 black cocks...then if i'm lucky you remove the painful cockcage long enough to allow me to cum all over your feet which i must then lick cllean as desert you tell me...
Happy New Year DJ...